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Ne-Yo - Friend Like Me (Audio)

After Aladdin releases the Genie from his lamp and the Genie considers that he can give Aladdin almost anything within a limit of three wishes, the Genie proves his nigh-omnipotent power to the skeptical thief with an impressive musical number, stressing that he is a friend unlike any other. This song is similar to the use of contemporary references in "Be Our Guest", performed by the enchanted cutlery of Beauty and the Beast, and "A Guy Like You", performed by the Gargoyles in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The same happens in the live-action remake.

Ne-Yo - Friend Like Me (Audio)


Do you feel like things have been changing between you and your best guy friend lately? If you think he might like you romantically, but you're not positive, there are many ways to tell for sure. Look for hints of affection in his behavior and what he says to you. Check out this complete list of signs that your best guy friend likes you, and decide whether you want to take the relationship to the next level! 041b061a72

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