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Chelsea Blake\\'s 3rd Orgasm [EXCLUSIVE]

TURN ON WITH KELLY NICHOLS is a soft-focused, ethereally-scored variation on the "white-coater" educational sex film as Nichols (THE TOOLBOX MURDERS) sits in a wicker chair wearing only a fur and surrounded by candles promising to reveal to the viewer the secrets of successful sexual relations through a series of hardcore vignettes. Chelsea Blake (AMERICAN BABYLON) uses her vaginal juices as an aphrodisiac to arouse Jose Duval before dripping honey onto part of his anatomy to sweeten things up. Brooke Fields (AWAKENING OF SALLEY) and Dick Howard (HOT LICKS) engage in oily sensual massage augmented by a vibrator while Taija Rae (69TH VICE STREET) and Klaus Multia (URBAN HEAT) demonstrate oral stimulation and penetration. Sharon Kane (HOT LUNCH) illustrates the art of self-stimulation in the absence of a partner that gets Nichols sufficiently heated to have her own encounter with Multia. Blake and Duval come back for a demonstration of orgasms during periods (in a shot filmed through a deep red filter). Rather dull but strangely entrancing with the uninspired but striking use of soft focus, revolving camera movements (or maybe the beds themselves are turning), and a languorous synth score. Nichols looks great, but she is as somnambulistic as everyone and everything else in the picture.

Chelsea Blake\\'s 3rd Orgasm

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