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Tokyo Angel - Super Idol 62

Hideaki Anno: To tell you the truth, I've already given away the whole story at the end of the first volume of the comic, but the story of Evangelion is about people who are clumsy in their communication. It's about a boy who is afraid of contact with others and keeps to himself, and a 29-year-old single woman who protects herself by escaping into superficial relationships. It's a story about how these people change.

Tokyo Angel - Super Idol 62


The story of how Okada and a group of fans with 8mm cameras founded Gainax, the 'super-otaku' anime studio, has passed into legend through Otaku no Video, the self-parody and study of fandom. Okada himself (who appears loosely disguised in the film) is known as the super-otaku, the Otaking, alternately out of ridicule and respect. During Okada's time, Gainax's features ranged from the girls-and-mecha OAVs Top o Nerae! (Gunbuster), to the Miyazaki-esque adventure Nadia, to the visionary alternate civilization depicted in Wings of Honneamise. In 1992 Okada left the company, which has since produced Neon Genesis Evangelion and an increasing number of CD-ROM games such as the Princess Maker series. He is now a university lecturer--even though he himself entered college only to join a science fiction club, dropping out after he did.

MiraitowaMiraitowaDark MiraitowaSuper MiraitowaAge15GenderMaleHomelandTokyoBirthdayJune 5th of 2007SpeciesRobot, figure, angel (only super form)Nickname(s)Mira, Towa, Towa-kun, Mirai, Blue CinnamonAliasDark Miraitowa (formally)Super MiraitowaRainbow Prism MiraitowaLotus Blossom MiraitowaHopeful MiraitowaGolden Armor Super MiraitowaPrizma Butterfly Miraitowa (Switch game exclusive) 350c69d7ab

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