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Since 2018, almost all LTE compatibles devices are volte-compatible. However, due to the very long transition to VoLTE, the beginning of it's deployment in 2012 in Texas, and is not ended over the world, today. Even some European's large-ISP were not providing it in 2020. This lack of deployment in a very long period of years, makes some LTE devices could not be VoLTE compatible, because considered as end-of-life and not supported anymore for software updates by manufacturers. Thus, VoLTE is a norm that doesnt permits to subscribers to enter manually VoLTE settings and parameters, everything is managed only by manufacturers regarding ISP information transmitted. That type of organisation can be thought as very unfavourable to customers using old LTE phones, because they might never have VoLTE profiles of recent VoLTE-compatible ISP over the world.

Download VOD1 UPDATE 2020 rar


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